Rum Punch Tradition


Caribbean Breeze Tree Rum Punch is rooted in recipes that go way back to my Grandma days on the island of Trinidad and Tobago. Grandma used to soak different fruits with exotic spices in rum and bottled same in a cabinet for months. Each bottle was marked with its own flavor. Only on special occasions would I see my Grandma go into that special cabinet and bring a bottle out. Caribbean Breeze Tree took two of those recipes. Lemon/Pineapple and Sabdariffa and added its own touch to created a delicious exotic blend. Our Lemon/Pineapple blended with Premium Caribbean Rum offers a sweet and tart taste. Our Sabdariffa is fused with fruits and exotic spices giving this cocktail a smooth, aromatic blend of deliciousness. These drinks are highly pleasing to the senses and taste refreshing as a Caribbean Breeze.

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